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Welcome to the MT Cognitive Aging Laboratory page! In our lab, we explore the way that we process information during the normal aging process. We have many avenues of research in our laboratory, with research projects commonly conducted in the areas of attention, perception, visual word recognition, and working memory. As an experimental psychology laboratory, the majority of our work comprises the assessment of performance in manual and computerized tasks. Along with behavioral measures of performance, we also commonly incorporate measures of neurophysiological activity through our electroencephalogram (EEG) suite. EEG allows for precise measures of underlying functional activity of the brain during engagement in cognitive tasks.

I am looking to grow the lab and am seeking interested graduate and undergraduate student members! See the news section of the lab page for more information on recent presentations, publications, and media events!


Lab members

Graduate students

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Kara Wilson

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Haylie Stoltz

Undergraduate students

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Kristen Platt

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Lisa Hardie